Bai Tu Long Bay

There’s more to northeastern Vietnam than Halong Bay. The sinking limestone plateau, which gave birth to the bay’s spectacular islands, continues se 100km to the Chinese border. The area immediately northeast of Halong Bay is known as Bai Tu Long Bay. Bai Tu Long Bay is every bit as beautiful as its famous neighbor. Indeed, … Read more

Lang Son

Things to See & Do There are two large and beautiful caves ( ad mission 5000d, open 6am-6pm daily) just 2.5km from the centre of Lang Son. Both are illuminated, which makes for easy exploration, and both have Buddhist altars inside. Tam Thanh Cave is vast and beautiful. There’s an internal pool and a viewing … Read more

Cao Bang

The dusty capital of Cao Bang province, Cao Bang town is high above sea level and has a pleasant climate. The main reason to for coming here is to go on excursions into the surrounding scenic countryside. This is the most beautiful mountain area in the northeast and is worth exploring. While in Cao Bang … Read more

Around Cao Bang

Thang Hen Lake This is a large lake that can be visited year-round; however, what you get to see varies according to the seasons. During the rainy season, from about May to September, 36 lakes in the area are separated by convoluted rock formations. In the dry season, most of the lakes – except Thang … Read more

Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park (Vuon Quoc Gia Ba Be; 894014, fax 894026; admission 10,000d per person, plus 1000d insurance fee, plus 10,000 per car) is sometimes referred to as Ba Be Lakes. It is in Bac Kan province and was established in 1992 as Vietnam’s eighth national park. It’s a beautiful region that covers more … Read more

Thai Nguyen and Around

There isn’t a whole lot in Thai Nguyen to hold your interest, but the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam’s Ethnic Groups (Bao Tang Van Hoa Cac Dan Toc; admission 10,000d; open 7am-11am & 2pm-5.30pm Tues-Sun, last admission at 5pm) is worth-while seeing on the way to Ba Be Lakes. It is the largest Montagnard … Read more

Mong Cai & Chinese

MONG CAI & CHINESE BORDER Mong Cai is located on the Chinese border in the extreme northeastern corner of Vietnam. Previously the border gate (Cua Khau Quoc Te Mong Cai) was only open to Vietnamese and Chinese, but today it is one of the official international overland border crossings in Vietnam. It’s open from 7.30am … Read more


Travel health depends on your predeparture preparations, your daily health care while travelling and how you handle any medical problem that does develop. While the potential dangers can seem quite frightening, in reality few travelers experience anything more than an upset stomach.          The significant improved in Vietnam’s economy has brought with it some major … Read more


RESTRICTIONS The Vietnamese police usually don’t care what you photograph, but on occasion they get pernickety. Obviously, don’t photograph sensitive sites such as airport, seaports, military bases and border checkpoints. Photography from aircraft (except on chartered flights) is now permitted. Don’t even think of trying to get a snapshot of Ho Chi Minh in his … Read more