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Top Hotels
Golden Halong
Hung Thang Tourism Area, Bai Chay Ward, Halong, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
Price from: 640.000 VND ~ $32.00
Hidden Charm
No 22D Tuan Chau Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
Price from: 600.000 VND ~ $30.00
Hoi An Riverside Resort < Spa
175 Cua Dai, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam
Price from: 2.300.000 VND ~ $115.00
Sapphire Hotel
32A-34 Bui Thi Xuan Street, District 1 - Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Price from: 1.040.000 VND ~ $52.00
Top Cruises
Aphrodite Cruise Halong
Tuan Chau, Halong City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam
Price from: 3.300.000 VND ~ $165.00
Dragon Pearl Junk Halong Bay
Halong bay, Halong city, Quang Ninh
Price from: 2.240.000 VND ~ $112.00
Bai Tho Junk
Halong Harbour, Halong City, Quang Ninh
Price from: 1.800.000 VND ~ $90.00
La Marguerite Cruise Mekong
Saigon Harbour
Price from: 27.200.000 VND ~ $1,360.00
Top Tours
Nam Dinh Countryside Journey 1 Day (Summer)
Nam Dinh, Vi Khe vilage, Phu Nhai Church
Price from: 1.380.000 VND ~ $69.00
Nha Trang - Buon Me Thuot - Don Village
Don village, Elephant, Dray Sap waterfall, Dray Nu waterfall, Buon Me Thuot, Ancient wooden house- on- stilts, tomb of the King of elephant
Price from: 3.360.000 VND ~ $168.00
Emeraude Cruise 3 days 2 nights
Hanoi, Halong Bay, Halong City, Sung Sot grotto, Kayaking in Halong Bay
Price from: 5.200.000 VND ~ $260.00
Sapa Mountain Retreat 2 nights victoria resort
Cat Cat village, H'mong ethnic minority peoples,Lao Chai village,Ta Van village, Dzay people, Ham Rong moutain, Ta Phin, Red Dao, Sapa
Price from: 12.380.000 VND ~ $619.00

Photography & video


Film & Equipment

Color print film (35mm and APS) is widely available, but check the expiry date printed on the box. Avoid buying film from outdoor souvenir stalls – the film may have been cooking in the sun for month. Film prices are reasonable so you really won’t save much by bringing film from abroad.

         Slide film can be bought in Hanoi and HCMC, but don’t count on it elsewhere. Supplies of black-and-white film are rapidly disappearing, so bring a supply with you.

         Many tourist travel around Vietnam by van or minibus; the metal floors of these vehicles do get very hot, but you might not notice if it is air-conditioned. Many travelers have roasted their film (as well as food) by placing it in their backpacks and setting the backpack on the floor of the vehicle.

         Photo-processing shops have become ubiquitous wherever tourist congregate. Most of these shops are equipped with the latest one-hour, color-printing equipment. Printing film costs are about US$5 per roll depending on the print size you choose. The specify if you want glossy or mat finish on your prints.

         Color slide film can be developed quickly (three hours) in Hanoi and HCMC, but forget it outside of those two cities. Processing costs do not mount the slides unless you request (and pay for) it. However, our experiences with processing slides and back-and-white film have been terrible, both in terms of bad development and scratched film, so you really are better off developing them elsewhere.

         Cameras are fairly expensive in Vietnam and the selection is limited – bring one from abroad. Happily, lithium batteries (which are needed for many of today’s point-and-shoot cameras) and digital-camera memory cards are available in large cities.

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