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Ecosea Travel Vietnam

Meet the Team

As the result of the market leading growth of ECOSEA TRAVEL, we are proud to have the best blend of youth and experience, talent and training available within the company. Our departments include: travel consultant group, Tour operator group, Web consultant group, Sale & Marketing executive group and web editor group.


Sofia Nguyen – over 10 years experience in Vietnam Tourism. She works as a tour guide and travel addict. Sofia traveled along Vietnam from the North to the South. She visits Laos and Cambodia every year. She’s experienced in cruises in Halong and Mekong. She explored all hotels in every highlighted destination such as Mui Ne, NhaTrang, Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi and many other place. Sofia also contributes to the environmental movement in Vietnam in order to encourage people to visit the country. She is enthusiastic about bringing the best tourism services for customers.

Sales & Marketing:

Nguyen Giang Long (Mr.) & Jenifer Loan (Mss.): University graduates from the faculty of Tourism. They can speak Russian and English fluently and have more than 10 year experience in the tourism market. They both worked as tour guides and traveled all over Asia before joining ECOSEA team. Clients can rely on our consulting executives for the most open advice to Vietnam.

Tour Operator:

Nguyen Van Cuong (Mr.): Cuong is a careful person who always help clients double check all services before they check in.  He’s also active in managing the tours for clients so we’ve never worried about him since the day Cuong joined the team. He’s just done great job.

Web Editor and Designer:

Louis Pham (Mr.) is experienced in web development for 5 years. He is hard-working and efficient in dealing with work. Louis has great passion in traveling and experienced a lot of trips to the north of Vietnam with his motorcycle. Together with Louis is the web designer Tran Van Chinh who is knowledgeable about Vietnamese Fine Art and loves travelling.

Product executive:

Nguyen Thi Hong (Mrs.) has been working in the Tourism field for over 12 years. She has good experience in Vietnam package tours and excursion from Hanoi to Saigon. Hong’s joined ECOSEA travel from January 2012 and proved her excellent performance since then.

Chelf Accountance
Hoang Anh.Dao (Mrs.) was enter the company because she love to travel and interesting in all farm trip was organized by company, she really like to work with number (of money) so she work for travel company as a accountance. hihi!!
Let's traveling with us !!!

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